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University can be draining, and it’s hard to find budget activities to do solo or with a group of friends, especially in Berkeley. It’s easy to get lost in the wave of deadlines and exams, and if you don’t take a moment for yourself every now and then, you’ll be burnt out by the end and unable to give your best at the most important juncture of the semester. However, it’s also important to engage in social activities outside of the comfort of your apartment or dorm and live out your passions with like-minded individuals. So, if you’re looking to break up your monotonous weekend getaways of Kip’s, Tap Haus or a party at Pi Kappa Phi — here are some events that you can plan for throughout the Spring 2024 Semester!

Bad Bunny – March 1 & 2, 2024

Starting off with a bang, Bad Bunny is coming to town! The Reggaeton rapper and singer will be performing at the Chase Center in San Francisco the weekend of March 1. Regardless of if you’re a longtime fan of Benito or just want to have a blaze with your amigas, I’m sure you will like it like that (if you see what I did there).

Songs to Know: “Titi Me Preguntó,” “Dakiti,” and “I Like It.”

Dune: Part 2 – March 1, 2024

But if the concert isn’t your place to be, don’t sweat it. You can find your relaxation at Dune: Part Two releasing the same weekend. This film, starring Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, and Austin Butler, is an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel of the same name. It follows Chalamet’s character, Paul, as he strives to save his planet from destruction.

Also releasing in March: Kung Fu Panda 4 and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.


Andrew Schulz – March 8 & 9, 2024

If you have a TikTok and are a fan of edgy comedy, you most likely have heard of Andrew Schulz. Schulz is set to be performing at The Masonic in San Francisco the weekend of March 8. So if you want to hear his take on the Super Bowl or just want to have a laugh, head on down to the Masonic for a spicy comedy set.

Specials: Infamous and The Crowd Work Special.

Bruce Springsteen – March 28 & 31, 2024

Who better to do rock and roll than ‘the Boss’ himself? The ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ singer will be performing at the Chase Center in San Francisco on March 28 and 31. This will be his 17th tour at a whopping 74 years of age and if the viral clips are something to go by, it’s safe to say that he’s still got it!

Songs to Know: “Dancing in the Dark,” “Born in the U.S.A.,” and “Glory Days”

Offset – March 30, 2024

It’s going to be a busy weekend for the Bay! Because none other than Offset will also be making an appearance. The rapper, who is also one-third of Migos, will be making a stop at The Masonic in San Francisco on the evening of March 30. So if you don’t feel rock and roll, you can rap your lungs out and then “BLAME IT ON SET.”

Songs to Know: “MotorSport,” “Ric Flair Drip,” and “Annihilate”


Challengers – April 28, 2024

Say it with me: FINALLY! Originally slated for release in September last year, the film got pushed to April due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, but after all this waiting we finally have it. This film stars Zendaya as a tennis coach and focuses on her relationships with two other pro tennis players, Patrick and Art played by Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor respectively.

Also releasing in April: Monkey Man and Abigail.

Justin Timberlake – May 7, 2024

Bringing SexyBack is Justin Timberlake at the SAP Center in San Jose. Performing on May 7, JT will be touring his new album Everything I Thought It Was (which comes out on March 15). There’s no better place to be celebrating an early end to the semester than by singing your heart out to some *NSYNC.

Songs to Know: “Mirrors,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” and “Suit & Tie”

Daniel Sloss – May 10 & 12, 2024

While technically exceeding the requirements of Spring 2024, I succumbed to my biases and had to add Daniel Sloss to this list. This Scottish stand-up comedian is set to make an appearance at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on May 10 and 12. Currently responsible for 120,000 breakups and over 300 divorces, Sloss’ stand up specials aren’t only hilarious, but also manage to be thought provoking while discussing grim topics.

Specials: Jigsaw, Dark, and X

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